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Ginger Lust is a community set up to celebrate and promote thoughtful, well-crafted Ron-centric fanfic, fanart and other fanmedia. This is not an exchange comm, nor a challenge comm. There are no teams, no polls, and everyone who contributes and participates is a winner. This is for those of you perhaps between creative endeavours, looking for an innovative place to hone (or try out!) your Ron-centric fanworks. The unifying focus of the comm is our shared love for Ron Weasley, to celebrate his complexities and passions.

Your fanworks can be set in any time period, be DH compliant, ignore the DH epilogue, be AU, crossover, hopeful, tragic, comic— the only thing they cannot be is het. Genfic or slash only, any rating, any style, any media. Submissions of art, fic, podfic, icons, vids, conceptual photography and photo manipulations are most welcome. If you celebrate your love for Ron in another media (interpretive dance, meta, knitting - we're really flexible), then just get in touch with the mods to talk about how we can include your contribution too. We welcome imaginative interpretations of the prompts and collaborations are encouraged. Please see the rules and the FAQ for further information.

Questions? Post them here. Your mods for the comm are [personal profile] la_dissonance, [personal profile] redsnake05 and [personal profile] tjwritter . You can contact us via a comment on the questions page or by emailing

The header is engineered by the talented [personal profile] sexyscholar with art by the brilliant [personal profile] cugami; the layout is the work of minty peach

TIMELINE 2009 - 2010

November 1st 2009: Prompts posted at the comm
November 1st - December 1st 2009: Prompts can be claimed
January 15th 2010: Check in on progress with all creators
February 15th 2010: Fics and art due to the mods
March 1st 2010: Posting begins


1. There will be a limit of two claims per prompt
2. You may use multiple media (fic, art, photography, meta, icons, podfic, mixes and so on) in the creation of a submission for one prompt (ie if you want to write some drabbles and do some photography to go with them, that's one claim)
3. Collaborations (joint sign-ups) for fic, art, other media or a combination are welcome, just make it clear in the claiming comment exactly who is involved in the collaboration and leave all necessary information for all collaborators
4. If you wish to claim a second prompt you may do so after the first one has been submitted to the mods
5. All fiction must be submitted as .doc, .txt or .rtf with all html tags included (for bolding and italics and so on)
6. All art must be submitted as .jpg, .gif or .png. Mixes and podfic should be uploaded to a file hosting site such as mediafire and the link submitted, or sent as a zipped file (if the file is small enough). Vids should be hosted and a link submitted to the mods, or sent as an .avi, .mpg, .mp4 or .mov
7. All submissions must use the header template, which will be available on the prompt post, in the Questions-to-the-mods post, and posted in the main comm before submissions are due
8. All submissions must feature Ron as a central character
9. Only gen and slash fanworks are permitted
10. All submissions are to stay in the comm for the duration of the fest, so please save crossposting until after the fest is finished. This isn't an anonymous fest, however, so you're more than welcome to promote your submission wherever you like while the fest is running.
11. All written submissions must be beta read. For submissions in other media, we highly encourage getting some equivalent kind of feedback from others, as we want to post the best possible version of your work.
12. All submissions should reflect time and effort on your part. As a benchmark, fic should be more than 500 words, art should be more than a quick sketch, and mixes should be more than a few songs. Adjust accordingly for your medium.
13. No age statement is required to join this comm or sign up for a prompt. However, if you submit a work with an NC-17 rating, we do require that you have an age statement on your profile, or that you give us one in the submission email, and that no characters depicted in explicit sexual situations be under the age of consent
14. Participants with journals on other sites are welcome to participate. This is not an LJ-only fest. Feel free to use your open-id to sign up

Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Ron-centric fest? Why only slash and gen?
Ron is, in our opinion, woefully underrepresented in fanworks. He is particularly neglected in slash pairings and in genfic. In general, we want to encourage as much love for him as we can and we think a fest like this is a good way to do that.

Why a multi-media fest rather than an exchange or straight fic or art?
The aim is to encourage the Ron-love, so we think that a range of media in which to play will only encourage that. How many fans do you know who feel nervous about writing but have awesome taste in music and make great mixes? Or people who make great icons or photo manips? Or vidders?

Does my submission have to be a literal interpretation of the prompt?
Your interpretation can be as literal or abstract as you see fit. You could use the words of the prompt as a springboard for free association, or as a starting point for a complex web of literary and historical references; you could use only the first sentence, or an anagram of the prompt, or... As long as your submission represents some imput of thought and centers around Ron, you will make your mods very happy people. For example, you might choose to take a series of photographs that tell parts of a story from Ron's POV, but never include Ron. Or you might choose to make a mix that includes songs that go with a particular prompt and pairing in your head.

Can I write a series of drabbles or ficlets around one theme?
Yes, you may.

Can I write an epically long story?
Yes, you may.

Can I make a multimedia frenzy of Ron-centric love including fic, art and other media all around one prompt?
Yes, yes, yes, you may! *cue mods fainting with delight*

Can I collaborate with someone else?
Yes, you can. You can write or create any fanwork together, or create different fanworks for the same prompt together or separately (ie. one of you writes a fic and the other makes a mix to go with it). Just make sure you make it clear on your prompt claim comment.

Can I do a podfic of a previously written story?
Sadly, no, because the fic would not be written to one of the comm's prompts. However, if you see that an author you like is writing for a prompt you think is interesting, perhaps you could contact them with a view to podficcing their finished product.

Are there limits on what I can create (with regard to content and rating etc)?
So long as it is slash or gen, no. However, we do ask that you warn for potentially triggering content (non-con, dub-con, child abuse, incest, torture and self-harm) and also include notice of potentially squicky content (violence, D/s, character death, infidelity, het sex and so on) by following the guidelines in the header. If you are under the age of consent in your country, please do not create NC-17 works. If you do create an NC-17 work, please provide an age statement to us in your submission email, or make sure one is clear in your profile. Characters in explicit sexual situations should not be under the age of consent. Crossovers are acceptable.

What if I cannot find a beta reader?
There are comms you can use to find a beta reader, including [community profile] hp_betas_wanted, or you can email the mods and we will do our best to help you.

What should I do after the fest?
You can post your fanworks wherever you like - on your own journal, at other comms, whatever. If it is a rare Ron pair we suggest posting it at [community profile] variety_is. For Ron gen, might we suggest [community profile] hp_misfitfics?

What if I need to drop out?
Sometimes life gets away on all of us, and the mods will completely understand if you need to drop your claim. You can let us know by sending an email to, or you can leave a comment on our post here. There is no penalty for dropping your claim.

What is the check-in date?
We'd like all creators to get in touch with us on that date (or, you know, a few days before or around), just to let us know how things are going. If you're a bit stuck, now would be the time for us to pep talk you and fill you with renewed zeal. If you were collaborating and your collaborator has gone awol, we might have some ideas about ways you can still make your claim work. If we don't hear from you by Jan 15th, we will email you at the address you gave in the claim comment. If you don't answer, we'll assume that you've dropped your claim. If this is not the case, then it will be a nice surprise when you submit it, won't it?

How can I spread the word about this comm?
Copy the code below and post it into the html editor of your journal. Contact the mods if you wish to use it on other sites and the coding gives you trouble (although has been tested and is fine)

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